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A Separate Website for our Woodworking

In web design, woodworking by andrew

Woodworking; once a hobby, now part of the business.

You may not have known, but I’ve been engaging in woodworking since my teens. Helping my dad with projects, taking wood shops in middle school and high school (even a year at a vocational high school) and even several years in the retail sector as an operations manager for a national woodworking tool chain store. Having amassed a variety of hand tools and woodworking machines over the last few decades, I’ve built quite a variety of furniture items, such as:

  • beds
  • a dresser
  • various shelves
  • tables and more

Recently, I’ve been building smaller items that are easily shippable.

  • knife blocks
  • cuttingboards
  • iPad and computer stands
  • wooden utensils and coasters
  • beer totes and flights
  • bird houses and planters
  • wine tables

designable beertote padauk and whiteoak designable walnut exotic stripes cornered cuttingboard designable redheart wooden butterknife

I have an etsy store online where I sell my wares, and I also ‘set up shop’ at local craft fairs.

I wanted to stay under the umbrella of the Designable brand, but promote the woodworking aspect separately. An individual website allows me to target a different audience and get better, uniquely-tailored search engine optimization results.

The design is kept simple and clean. There’s text and image animations, widgets to control content and an embedded Instagram feed (where users can follow the build process of items) and individual posts. Blog functionality is enabled (it’s a WordPress built website) and will see use for when I document future project builds with video and imagery. The site may see the inclusion of links to resources and monetization in the future.

I kept the same logo, just modified it to a single color – dark charcoal (#222222 black). New marketing materials, rack cards, signage and several sticker designs were created. I had Infinity Stamps in California create a steel stamp of the logo for me to be able to mark the wood items.

designable logo stamped in wood

UPDATE: 2/2/16 The website has been renamed Designable Makes, to better represent the variety of woodworking, metalworking, concrete and art projects I’ll be undertaking.

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