Apuzzo2014 Identity Creation

In digital artwork, logo design, print materials, web design by andrew

apuzzo2014 logo

A complete identity package was in need for the Apuzzo2014 political campaign of Frank Apuzzo, republican candidate for State Representative of the 85th District in Wallingford, Connecticut.

We started with developing the logo, deciding on incorporating his name as the design rather than a separate icon. The “A” of his name was stylized for use as the avatar for social media. Overlapping shapes of red and blue create the bulk of the avatar, with negative space in the shape of a star centered in the design brings the completed shape together as an A.

Next in order was to build a website. The site features an image slider, mobile responsive layout, animation of content and social media widgets. Color scheme, font selection and secondary artwork were matched to the printed materials for consistency.

apuzzo2014 website screenshot

Printed materials and some apparel were created to complete the identity package. In giving back to the community, local suppliers were used to acquire goods and services. Palm cards, used as handouts while the candidate goes door-to-door, and business cards were printed on 10pt gloss card stock at local printshop Prentis Printing in Meriden, CT.

apuzzo2014 business card apuzzo2014 palm card

Follow Frank Apuzzo’s campaign on Facebook and Twitter. View the website at www.apuzzo2014.com