Caller ID band logo

Caller ID Band Logo Design Project

When this Caller ID says to dance, will you answer?

The 90’s, arguably the best time period for music of all genres. New to the scene of cover bands, a local group of friends is forming Caller ID – a group singing a variety of 90’s era songs but focusing mainly on the ‘Pop’ genre. I know a few members of the band and was retained to come up with some concepts for a logo.

They want something fun with bright colors that looks like it’s the 90’s. I joked I could use Microsoft Paint to make it more authentic. The great thing about the 90’s style is you can use a mixture of geometric shapes, use bulbus, thick fonts and add a variety of effects like strokes and non-feathered drop shadows and really over-design it to get a retro look. Being a fan of simplicity and minimalism, I kept the design free of such effects and instead focused on the core retro look – to make it a bit more modern.  A non-feathered drop shadow may be something added situationally on apparel and marketing materials. The design will also see use in grayscale.

Caller Id band logo in grayscale

The band is in the early stages of forming its founding members, so there’s no website or social media accounts yet. I’ll update this post with that info once it becomes available.


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