model hairstyle and chic scissors hair logo

Chic Scissors Hair Logo Design Project

Chic Scissors Hair is on the receiving end of a makeover

Courtney, the creative artist behind Chic Scissors Hair, is a professional-trained hairstylist with a decade of experience who specializes in fashion colors and hair painting techniques, as well as a master proficiency in specialty cutting and styling.

The core of the logo, Chic, is a completely hand-drawn design and evokes an artistic feel. A light-medium weight to the letter shapes, a balanced use of white space and curves makes the design soft and minimal with a slightly whimsical charm – that is complemented by the hand-drawn nature of the script font used for scissors and clean lines of sans-serif font for hair. A splash of color, much like what Chic Scissors Hair does for its clientele, by way of a two-color gradient was added to the star dotting the i to pop against the neutral tone of the black and grey.

The logo will also see use in white and potentially a solid color overall.

chic scissors hair logo

Visit Courtney’s website and her various social media’s to view her gallery of work and a look behind-the-scenes of a top hairstyling specialist.


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