Client Interview: ACWHF

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We asked a short series of questions of our clients and these are the responses they gave.

What is the name of your business?

Africa’s Children and Women Hope Foundation (ACWHF).

acwhf website screenshot

How can customers contact you?

Phone: 203-962-4612

Facebook: Africa’s Children and Women Hope Foundation
Twitter: @ACWHF

acwhf logo

Your name is?

Mirriam Mosha

What is your title in the company?


Describe the services your business provides.

We are a non profit organization operating from Lusaka, Zambia. The main objective of ACWHF is to provide educational assistance, shelter, food, biblical counseling to the vaunrable children of Africa. We also aim at providing micro loans to women who are facing abusive conditions to enable them gain their financial independence.

How long has the company been in business?

2 years

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What services did you receive from Designable?

Web Design, Graphic Design, Printed Materials, Logo Design, Website Maintenance

How responsive is Designable?

They have a 100% response time. In my opinion the client comes first.

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How is the customer service at Designable?

The customer service has been fantastic. I feel confident that my needs as a client have been fulfilled effectively. Designable is very open and honest with their client,s giving them the best options suitable to the clients needs.

Overall, how has your experience working with Designable been?

It has been a really great experience. We are lucky to have connected with designable.

acwhf embroidered polo shirts

Would you recommend Designable to others?

Yes I would definitely recommend Designable.