Client Interview: KiP Associates

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We asked a short series of questions of our clients and these are the responses they gave.

What is the name of your business?

KiP Associates llc

How can customers contact you?


Facebook: KiPAssociatesllc
LinkedIn: KiPAssociatesllc

Your name is?

Michael Patterson

What is your title in the company?


Describe the services your business provides.

At KIP Associates, we provide business management consulting and professional coaching to help managers advance in their careers and corporations improve their bottom line. Providing a consultative approach based on empirical knowledge and cognitive behavior KIP Associates is able to give a thorough overview of unique business and management situations and offer practical advice and action plans that will help you and your business find solutions that involve efficient and productive management practices.

Using years of combined experience in public and private sector firms as well as education administration and teaching KIP Associates has a wealth of resources in business and management training and development that can help you better yourself both personally and professionally. From fiscal and human resources management to situational leadership and new business ventures KIP Associates has the management skills and educational tools to help your business operate at optimum levels.

At KIP Associates, we believe helping you will help your career and in turn the business you work for. Finding positive adjustments and win-win scenarios is what separates our consulting practice from others that alienate entire divisions under supervisors and managers who fail to connect with the most important commodity of any business: people. Knowing yourself and the staff who work for you will lead to greater self-actualization and a significant improvement in your management skills.

How long has the company been in business?

3 years

What services did you receive from Designable?

Web Design, Social Media, Printed Materials, Logo Design

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How responsive is Designable?


How is the customer service at Designable?


Overall, how has your experience working with Designable been?


Would you recommend Designable to others?