go rentals logo

GO Rentals Identity Design Project

In logo design, print materials by andrew

Logo and marketing materials design for GO Rentals RV rental service.

about Go Rentals:
“With today’s fuel prices, RV travel is still a more economical way for families to travel than staying in hotels and eating in restaurants. Kids can play games, read a book, take a nap, watch movies on the TV/DVD, get a snack or use the bathroom anytime. And if you already own an RV but have family and friends who don’t, a rental RV is ideal for bringing them along to enjoy the leisurely RV lifestyle.

An RV vacation lets YOU determine your daily itinerary. Stop and stretch when you’re ready; enjoy drinks and snacks when you choose; use your own bathroom when public facilities are unavailable or unsanitary. An RV vacation is also a better solution for families with food and respiratory allergies; your better able to eliminate and control exposures to any allergens.”

The business model consists of renting of their personal, current-generation RV to friends, family and acquaintances; with so much interest and success that a 2nd modern unit is in works to be acquired. What started as a favor to a few friends is blossoming into a creative business startup.

go rentals go exploring 617-466-9698The logo mark was created with the thought of expressing a visual representation of movement. Being the business name is GO and the service is travel-related, a shape was created that incorporates slanting and forward positioning, to emulate movement.

The G crossbar was reworked into an arrow shape, merging with and through the O and being an additional identifier of movement as well.

A complimenting color palette of blue and orange was selected, orange being fun and cheerful and blue evoking security and dependability. The logo shape will look great as a badge or patch on uniforms, stickers on equipment and other branded promotional items.

This project also included artwork creation for a 36″x18″ car magnet to apply to the RV for brand awareness.


Book an adventure by RV with GO Rentals, operated in Avon, CT, by calling 617-466-9698. Availability is limited and fills up fast!