hometown landscape and supply logo

Hometown Landscape & Supply Logo Update

A much needed logo update for a local garden center.

For years I’ve been telling the owner of Hometown Landscape & Supply, formerly Hometown Garden Center and Q-River Landscaping – which recently merged into one company, that he needed to have a consistent logo for better brand identity. Also that he should actually have a vector-based digital file of the logo for his own usage (he had other people at tshirt shops or sign shops just randomly making ‘something close enough’ which totally looks half-ass and unprofessional).

Well, he finally came around to my suggestions and worked with me to design a new logo for the newly formed company. And guess what?, he now has vector files, hi-res pdf’s and several other formats and color modes, as well as the logo in stacked vertical and horizontal orientation.

hometown landscape and supply logo updateThe logo is presented in a 2-color scheme, with a slight gradient as the main usage across web and printed materials. A solid color design was created, as well as single colors black and white, to give the client more options for apparel usage should he choose silkscreening.

The logo is a loose representation of the earth – blue sky and green grass with a curved shape to represent the curvature of the planet. Previous logo designs included a tree shape, and the client wanted to stay with that but have a more modern and simple look. The ‘tree’ shape designed, as negative space, is a combination of 2 objects, a tree and a shovel (which can also be looked at as the ‘bulb’ root structure of a tree) – two symbols representing the two companies that merged.

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