jeep thrills logo superimposed over a blurred out jeep vehicle

Jeep Thrills Logo Design Project

In logo designby andrew

Jeep Thrills, It’s a Lifestyle Like No Other!

Jeep Thrills is an enthusiast brand focused on fostering a local cooperative within the off-roading 4×4 Jeep community, whereby local enthusiasts can meet and enjoy the jeep culture. They are developing a line of apparel and gear to build brand awareness and connect fellow Jeep owners.

With the use of negative space, the logo is divided into 3 parts. It creates an inverse mountain silhouette on the top shape and cuts the ‘thrills’ from the bottom shape. The bottom shape is positioned at an incline, with a crevice, and is meant to simulate the ground. Mountains, inclines, and crevices are classic hallmarks of the kind of terrain these vehicles see on off-road excursions. The thin vertical shapes of the thrills font are also reminiscent of the Jeep grill.

With a cool neutral color palette of light blue, black and grey, the logo may be livened up with the use of a photo embedded as the ‘sky’.

jeep thrills logo with a jeep photo inside the mountain portion of the shape

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