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Nature’s Nomad Website Design Project

Nature’s Nomad is an online retailer of hemp-based CBD products for people and pets

“We offer an extensive variety of high-quality, organic hemp-based CBD oils, creams and tinctures, delicious CBD edibles, and CBD vape oils from the most trusted CBD brands in the hemp industry. We also have a selection of CBD hemp oil products for pets.”

The construction of this project was a break from the norm in that we used the e-commerce platform Shopify to build on. A mixture of client-provided and Designable-created imagery and artwork was used to capture the client’s vision for the layout of this CBD product-based website. The result is a mobile-responsive design with a clean layout that is easy to navigate. While the goal of Nature’s Nomad website is to sell the product, they’ll be using it and social media to talk about the lifestyle side of using hemp CBD products.

natures nomad website featured product screenshot

This website project consisted of:

  • built on the Shopify e-commerce CMS platform
  • mobile responsive design
  • content creation for improved SEO
  • responsive imagery
  • artwork creation
  • online shopping functionality
natures nomad website edibles products screenshot

Connect with them socially on Facebook (nature’s nomad) and Instagram (@naturesnomads) for product updates, sales, and upcoming events.

Visit the new Nature’s Nomad website at

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