PackAid logo

PackAid Logo Design Project

In logo design by andrew

Mount your tool boxes together with the Pack-Aid system

The PackAid is mounting hardware, made from extremely durable HDPE, allowing you to attach the old Milwaukee organizer box (or any other tool box system) to the new PackOut™ system. Connecting is as simple as drilling a few holes and using the supplied screws to mount the hardware. 4 self-adhesive feet are also provided.

With lots of now-first-generation Milwaukee tool boxes on the market, PackAid inventor Brian Way found a need to be able to securely stack those tool boxes to the new PackOut™ system Milwaukee released to the market recently. Milwaukee itself is not investing in a fix so Brian took upon the challenge himself and succeeded in creating an easy-to-implement, affordable and secure solution.

PackAid tool box mounting hardware

This product was exclusively invented by BP Way and is not affiliated with Milwaukee Tool. Purchase a PackAid through their online store and affiliate business Kaizen Inserts.


About the design:
Conversations with the client led us to chose a blocky typeface with a strong similarity to the Milwaukee brand and the PackOut™ logo they created for better brand awareness and consumer confidence but modified it to design characteristics of the product itself. The coloring is also similar, with the red being the actual color designation Milwaukee uses for its own marking materials. This logo will see use as a horizontal orientation only with additional color usages as solid white and also black.


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