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Timbercraft Designs Logo Design Project

In logo design by andrew

Collaborating with another local woodworker, Timbercraft Designs.

Steve and I had been conversing on Instagram and since we lived so close to one another decided to meet up at the local lumber mill. We talked shop, bought some various boards of wood and traded business cards to keep in touch.

Fast-forward a few months and Steve was in the process of creating a logo to better identify his business and create a brand. He was having the worst luck with one of those “$5 logo bargain sites” (they straight ripped off a popular brand on Instagram!) and reached out to me for guidance. We talked about his concepts, discussed his intended usage (social media, apparel, stickers, etc) and what I would be providing for the costs involved. A deal was struck and work began to create the logo.

The logo is a geometric shape of angles with a combination of clean and weathered fonts. There’s a heavy emphasis on the use of negative space.  The main shape is of a tree, calling on the TIMBER in the business name. It will primarily see use in solid color black or white. A rubber stamp for marking packages and a hot branding iron for marking wooden items are planned.

Acquiring high quality, die-cut stickers, Steve also partakes in #stickerswap with other woodworkers on Instagram to make new friends, gain inspiration and grow his follower base.
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