A Woodworking Project to Remodel the Mobile Electronics Soundroom

In woodworking by andrew

Mobile Electronics soundroom after remodel

Over the last several weeks, we have been involved in a woodworking project to remodel component display cases for a client of ours – Mobile Electronics.

Mobile Electronics is a retailer of car audio & video components, remote start & car alarms, bluetooth and navigation accessories as well as being window tinting specialists. They are  located in Wallingford, CT and offer on-site installation of most equipment.

The goal of the project was to reduce the amount of floor space used up by the previous display cabinets and to visually provide a cleaner, more high end look. Walking in to the sound room now and you notice the dramatic change… there’s more light, more room to walk around and it’s more appealing. The new custom-built display cases definitely stand out!

Radio and amplifier display case fixture

Before the remodel. This display took up a lot of floor space and showed signs of wear.

Solid exotic hardwoods of Wenge and Yellowheart were used for case faces with Maple plywood for case construction. The case themselves were treated with multiple coats of ebony stain, while the Wenge and Yellowheart were left natural…the whole assembly was then sprayed with several coats of polyurethane.

Crossover and wiring components are mounted inside the cases, on a wall-mounted ledger for case support, with plenty of ventilation added. Each individual component (radio, amplifier and speaker) is wired for its own power  button, allowing for easier switching between them when entertaining customers. The amp board features removable and reversible mounting cleats, for when amplifier size dimensions change the previous screw holes can be hidden. Wall-mounted power switch plates of Wenge were created for consistency.


The front showroom will be next to receive the same custom-built display case solution, as well as matching hardwood accent pieces for some other accessories on display.

See some in-construction photos of the project below.